San Francisco SEO community supported the “I Pee With LGBT” and protested Texas’ anti-trans bathroom bill.

A lot of people around the USA, Canada, and even the whole world are having significant discussions about LGBT clubs, the legalization of same-sex marriages, and completely good relationships standard for LGBT people.
One of the discussions on this topic was in Texas. It was about supporting to protest Texas’ anti-trans bathroom bill and was called “I Pee With LGBT”.

There were a lot of ads on this theme and most of them were launched by the ACLU of Texas and Legacy Community Health. Participation of the Richard Linklater, who is 5-time Academy Award-nominated director and Austin local, very helped with standing against the bathroom bill and standing for equality.

Some more information about the case “I Pee With LGBT”:

Disguised as a safety issue, the Texas Privacy Act, also known as SB6, seeks to ban transgender individuals from using the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

It is and always will be illegal to harm or harass someone in a restroom. There has been no increase in public safety incidents in Texas cities that currently allow people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

Passing the bill would harm Texas business to the tune of billions of dollars. Just ask North Carolina.

A bathroom is not where women and children are at risk. Where our public bathrooms are concerned, transgender people are the real targets: 70% of transgender men and women report having been verbally or physically attacked while using a restroom.

After than #IPEEWITHLGBT community asked the people:
“Let Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and your local legislators know how you feel by clicking on the button below to email your lawmaker. If you are not from Texas, you can share our video or buy merchandise to support the cause, as well as talk to friends and neighbors about it. And, of course, keep peeing with LGBT (like you always have been)!”

For collect more money to popularize the problem #IPEEWITHLGBT presented own merch with t-shirts, buttons, totes, bumper sticks, and hats with #IPEEWITHLGBT inscriptions.

The community also decided to record the video message with the title “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand.”

Social media platforms users, especially Twibbon, well supported #IPEEWITHLGBT adding the their profile picture via Twibbon.

#ipeewithlgbt profile picture

American Civil Liberties Union and each supported Texas organization should be praised separately for their active strong position against the unfair decision made by Let Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and other members.
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